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Imagine if you could:

  • Know how to price your pieces in a way that is fair to your clients and lucrative to yourself?
  • Create some quick cashflow so you can re-invest to grow your business
  • Know exactly what you need in order to sell your creations locally without investing in unnecessary stuff?
  • Make your first sales within a month?
  • Start building your customer base so you can keep selling to them in the future
  • Get out of your own way so you get results asap and very soon you'll be running your new brand?

I know this might sound like a faraway reality to you

I felt like that 16 years ago when I first started selling my creations in the USA. I had nothing but a dream and my sewing machine. I spoke very poor english and my sewing skills were just ok.
But I did it. I got started and haven't stopped ever since. I sure had to start over a few times over the years but I now have the confidence that nothing can stop me. I feel like I have this power and I'll never be without an income again.
 If I was able to do that you can do it too!

Growing an up-cycling brand can be simple.
It can be fun and it might change your life.

But a lot depends on how you get started! 

You must start in a way that'll avoid certain frustrations. I believe that when you do a new project you should keep it simple to test your feet in the water to avoid big losses. What you gain in the process will encourage you to keep moving forward and bettering the project as you grow.

And that's exactly what we cover in this online workshop. I'm eager to share my experience with you.

What'll be covered in

Sew and Sell Locally

Part 1

Part 1

Build an inspiring inventory

To sell you need products right?
Whether you have created the items already, or you have lots of unfinished stuff I'll show you how I decide on what to sell locally so I can get the most out that sale.

Best choice of products that'll not only bring in the cash but also inspire your visitors. They'll fall in love with your work and likely will be your clients for life.

Part 2

Part 2

Smart Pricing

I know it's very hard for us artists to price what we create.
We tend to underprice our stuff so we can see the sale happening.
But it does not need to be that way!
You can sell for a fair price and still make enough to be content and grow. And eventually be able to hire help.

I do not use a formula for pricing my work and I'll show exactly how I do and how it has worked well for me so far.

Part 3

Part 3

Finding the best spots

There are places and places to sell your creations.
Which one is more suitable to you?

A market? A local store? What type of market?

How to pick the right place is important if you want to get good results. That bring sales or the right prospects for the future.

We'll cover this in our workshop so you get confident when deciding where to sell your goods.

Part  4

Part 4

Simple and beautiful display

Presentation is everything!
When you sell in person is very important that you create an attractive look for your display.
And it should not be over the top.
You have to stand out and keep it simple.
I'm gonna share with you how with only a few things and couple clothing racks I create my booth that attract my ideal customers.
They recognize my booth from far but that does not mean I have mad stuff in there. It's all very simple but well planned. 

When you join you learn from my years of experience. So let me ask-
what would be worth to:

  1. Stop putting off a plan that could change your life
  2. Know how to price your creations with confidence
  3. Start growing your fan base so you can forever count on them to support you
  4. Get solid information on what does sell and what doesn't
  5. Get to see a smile on the faces of people who love your creations even more than you do!

If the answer is AT LEAST $35 then I'd love to have you join me!

While this workshop is brand new check out what some of my students have to say:

I fell in love with Vania as a facilitator and maker. Her energy and love of upcycling is inspiring and motivating.Her motto: "imperfect is beautiful" is what gave me the motivation to complete the different projects.


After completing the 5 day challenge I was so motivated to continue working with Vania. Her patience with teaching and fun energy that I experienced during the “live challenge” taught me so much!


I started following Vania and I liked her style and she was always so approachable. When I found out she was offering a sewing course, I jumped on the opportunity to join. Best decision ever. Our community is super encouraging and we all help to build each other up.


Have questions?

Yes absolutely. If you sew as a hobbyist and your dream is to start selling your creations this is the perfect way to start. When you sell locally you get to understand your work better which will only give you information on how to do better in the future. Plus watching people giving you money for what you made is the best feeling ever!

Yes that's my goal. I've been doing these sales for so long and I watch seller from all walks of life showing their creations. I've learned the best practices by having a personal experience and by others. I don't promise you'll start selling all the sudden but I'll share many points that'll help you improve your performance and start selling.

I believe so. If you make one of a kind or small batches and want to start by the easiest way to sell that's locally you'll probably benefit by what I'll share in the workshop.

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