The Shirt Workshop Challenge

Would you like to quickly

Sew your first (or next) garment?
An easy way to make a shirt that fits you

Sew your First 
(or Next) garment?
An easy way to make 
a shirt that fits you well

Join the Online Shirt  Workshop
From the comfort of your home 

Presented by
Vania Soucy

Your NYC-based Sewing hacker,
Up-cycling guru and secretely
fabric hoarder

Learn how to cut and sew
a shirt that can be made into different garments later on.
In a challenge format you'll get 5 crystal clear videos to watch, implement and keep forever.

During this easy workshop you will...

  • Create and finish the shirt fast ( I share my hacks!)
  • Fast or slowly- it's up to you. Sew at your own pace! The videos are pre-recorded. You can watch as many times as you want.
  • Get rid of the overwhelm! The tutorials are simple. Easy to understand and to implement. Forget complicated sewing patterns!
  • Enhance your skills when it comes to sewing, up-cycling, and design. 
  • Make a simple style of shirt that you can replicate many times over. And create new designs from it (I'll share ideas for that as well).
  • Have lots of fun!

Still so grateful for the pants workshop! It woke something up in me and I’ve been sewing like crazy since.


This challenge might change the way you look at sewing patterns

Not only you'll learn how to make this style of shirt but also unlock your ideas for other designs too.
The same pattern can be turned into different tops, coats and dresses.
In the training I share many tips and tricks.
It's a time saver too. I made it simple so you don't procrastinate and finish your piece.