With Wardrobe School

Transform used clothes into beautiful new garments

Give a new life to those clothes you've been saving

You love the idea of recycling those clothing finds. Now it's time to get it going.

Coming up with interesting pieces from
discarded clothes is very simple.
You just need a little push.

 There are so many possibilities. So many videos on Youtube, Pinterest tutorials... You want to do it all but when it's time to sew your own pieces you get stuck.

Meanwhile the pile of materials is growing...
It's time to do something about that am I right?


I collect a lot of materials too.

It's part of my creative process. I like to say that my fabrics are like my buckets of paint. As if I was a painter. I need to have my inventory of stuff so I can reach to them when I'm creating a new design.
But the thing is I keep the flow moving. I have a pile but I'm always making new pieces, things are not stuck.
That's why you have to get started and keep moving forward.
 Guilt free!

What's stopping you from moving forward?

  • You have too many refashion ideas floating around your head (hello internet)
  • You want to start but you're not sure how the pieces will turn out
  • You have so many unfinished projects it makes it hard to start a new one
  • You star to question your sewing skills

I have good news.
There are better days ahead

Start now and be able to rework every garment you want:

  • The best way for beginners to start up-cycling now. It's best to start with simple projects
  • Get started with the basics and then get creative. Why up-cycling? How to stay excited and creative?
  • Save money on clothes by following these easy DIY tutorials. Every piece you don't like in you wardrobe can become a new one
  • Come up with your own unique style. Understand how to have cohesive ideas.
  • Feel the accomplishment from finishing it. When you work on something exciting you'll want to see the end result


Up-cycling Fantastic

An easy guide to get you started with up-cycling today

Inside Up-cycling Fantastic, you'll find out how you can...

  • Source the best and right materials to recycle
  • Make cool pieces even if you're not a sewing pro
  • Work with what you already have and revamp your wardrobe
  • Feel guilt free- Saving all that clothing was worth it!

I share lots of tips and tricks in these tutorials.
 What I've learned from 15 years of experience up-cycling clothes

You don't want to be stuck where you are now. Do you?

I see you already thinking "oh I can do it on my own. I'll just pick up those clothes, cut and sew them"

But are you? Or you're just going to  live with the
 frustration and eventually give up on it?


I'm here to help you out!
This program is short and full of helpful ideas
 for you to get inspired and make it happen.


I designed the course with that in mind:

For beginners

How to get started from zero

There are very simple ways to up-cycle garments that won't require you to be a pro in sewing. In fact you can be a total beginner and come up with outstanding pieces.

3 different ways to up-cycle clothes

I break down and
share my tricks

I've ben doing this for about 15 years and I've developed
my own ways.
People are usually amazed with my creations but the truth is that it's all very simple. I follow 3 different strategies
and they work wonders. 

Materials x Design x Freedom

The MDF method

When up-cycling you have to consider 3 factors. The Materials you're using versus the design you choose and having the Freedom to create. I use this method to help you refashion your pieces.

"Vania has captivated me with her simple and practical classes. She teaches joyfully and inspiringly. Even my children wanted to learn sewing just by seeing her on the screen."

Patricia Hellen

What You'll Get:

Here's what to expect from Up-cycling Fantastic:

  • How to get started with up-cycling training
  • 3 ways to up-cycle clothing with ease
  • How-to tutorials Including a blouse from tea towels and a dress from old shirts
  • 3 extra tutorials- Refashion underwear. Sweater. Up-cycling with a serger


Plus these bonuses:

Printing with erasers workshop

One of the methods I use to up-cycle is printing on thrifted clothes. In this workshop you'll learn the most simple way to print: using erasers.

Make a dress without a pattern

The fabric yardage we have or table cloths we thrift.In this mini course you'll learn how to draft and make a dress that's easy and will fit you very well.

Tailor Clothes Workshhop

Some adjustments can be enough to make garments new again. In this great bonus you'll learn  simple ways to alter your pieces for a better fit.

You're gonna love this course if...

  • You want to improve your sewing skills
  • You want to make more use of thrifted clothing
  • You want to get the creative momentum going 
  • You want to create unique pieces for your wardrobe
  • You want to learn more sustainable practices 
  • You want to save good fabrics from going to waste
  • You want to have fun and be creative 

Sounds good but how much is it?








"I wouldn’t want to learn from anyone else!"

Her teaching skills, wealth of knowledge, and pro tips for any level sewer are so incredibly helpful and you will feel appreciative and more connected to the clothing you wear in the most beautiful way.

Barbara Georges

"Vania was able to easily explain things to me even when I had very little sewing experience."

I've always dreamt of sewing but barely knew how to use a sewing machine. After taking one class from Vania I was able to sew a complete piece from scratch!

Erika Houston

"If you’re haunted by a pile of half done projects, Vania is the woman to get you through them!"

So many aspiring sewists (myself included) stall out because they can’t get through the same, persistent mental blocks. Vania is the friend you want cheering you on when you’re ready to quit. Slay your perfectionist ways! Don’t worry about mistakes! Cut that fabric and make something you’ll be proud of! She’s instructive and supportive. 



You don't like my face or my accent?
Don't like how I teach or don't feel like this course
 is for you?
No problem? Just let me know within 7 days of purchase and I'll send you a refund. No questions asked!

Your Up-cycling Fantastic questions - answered.

How long will I have access to the course?

Forever. Well that might be too long!
Let's say as long as the course exists you'll have access to it.

What is your cancellation policy?

I offer 7 days money back guarantee. No questions asked. Email me at and I'll send you a refund right the way.

How do I get access to the course?

It's fully online and hosted on this great platform. You'll be able to watch the videos as many times as you want and at your own pace.

I'm a beginner. Is the course for me?

Yes absolutely. I created Up-cycling Fantastic thinking of sewists who need more ideas but mostly for those who are starting out.

I don't like working with used clothing. Is the course for me?

Oh probably not. I have other trainings where you can make clothing from new fabrics but Up-cycling Fantastic is all about recycling!

I don't have a sewing machine. Can I still make this work?

I've seen people taking my tutorials and making the pieces by hand but I'd say a sewing machine will make everything easier.

"I never thought as a newbie I’d be able to make a reversible coat but here it is and I love it!"

Christine Chu

Who is Vania?

"I'm an obsessive person when it comes to clothing creation and I love sharing my tricks"

Vania Soucy is a NYC-based clothing designer who was born in Sao Paulo- Brazil.
She ran a shop in Brooklyn for many years selling her own designs + vintage and
up-cycled garments.
Since 2020 she has been teaching other creators how to make wonderful pieces from recycled textiles in
Wardrobe School

Do you have any questions?

Send me an email